Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brothers and Sisters

Last week I mentioned my favorite childhood video, Free To Be... You And Me. Upon realizing that only a few lucky people watched this tape as a child repeatedly, and after some serious Free To Be-style dancing, (see below,) I decided that more people should watch it because its awesome.

Here's one of my favoritest pieces of film, ever:

Honeybee brothers and sisters do not get along so grandly, nor do they wear as many turtlenecks. Drones are lecherous louses seeped in skullduggery from tiny brain to stingerless butt. Observe: Drones being lazy:

These girls are younguns. We can tell because they're small and furry. They're probably checkin out their new lives at about this point: where the honey is, what to do when they have to go to the bathroom (hold it,) how to fly...many practice runs ensue. Gotta get those wings in fanning shape.

Come autumn, the workers will commit fratricide, ripping each and every drone to shreds, one by one. They're completely disposable during the winter. The queen can lay drone eggs when they're needed, which won't be until spring.

I believe dogs act more like humans than bees in their relationships with one another. Marley and Bosco, loyal brothers and my sweet pooches, could be right up there on the poles wearing turtlenecks, dancing their little furry little tails off.

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