Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Up On The Roof(top Farm)

We've seen what farming on a cement baseball field looks like. This is what farming on a Brooklyn rooftop looks like:

Imagine if every single rooftop in Manhattan looked like this one. Think of the bounty! The fresh air!

Think of the views from above... a green mosaic...

This hearty kale wouldn't look so monstrous if seen from an airplane...

...although it does look monstrous in real life.

I've never seen such happy chard!
With a view like this, who wouldn't be inspired?

I do not envy those sitting in cubicles across the river, even if they are makin' bank.

Perfect serenity:

All photos were taken at Rooftop Farms in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Volunteers are welcome!

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  1. yay ben and annie! glad you had the chance to check this out, and that the network of urban farmers is becoming more entwined (esp. in brooklyn - we go hard).

    would love to see a post on all the good things to come for governor's island. what's the poop? such an interesting spot, historically...