Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"'Tis a Maple Tree!" posits B-Bot

My truly radical friend Brianne sent me an incredibly informative response to my question in the previous post. Her description of how trees grow was so easy to understand, and enabled me to create this awesome 4th-grade-ish project. I mean, freshman year we had to pull the old Natty Ice-Nyquil bait-and-switch at 8am to prevent B-dude from attending Bio. Her bejeweled beret (photo coming soon) couldn't block her brainy contagion, and I was infected with with curiosity, plus a need to express myself visually and a desire to summarize, label. Double-click on the photo to see clearly. (This was news to me.)

In B-jeweled's own words:

"I got to lie down inside a ginormous redwood a couple of summers ago up in northern California. The hollow inside was probably at least 10 feet in diameter and you could lie inside and look all the way up and out to the sky through the center of it (it was probably around 200-250ft tall). It was fully alive and well!"

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