Monday, June 8, 2009

The Urban Garden

The aesthetic of the urban garden either enchants or repels, and nothing in between. The enchanted see life sprouting from nothingness. The repelled only see nothingness.
One cannot allow country coveting to conflict with one's inspired attempt to grow where nothing else grows.
Green vines slowly consume rusted remains and shroud walls that divide the land.
A weed shouldn't be capitally punished for having so much energy. Our weeds are glorious fighters that must be perpetually subdued to allow for more docile existences.
In this changing city, the urban garden's ancient cycle is sacred.
Chemicals have done enough damage to the Gowanus Canal for the rest of Brooklyn to get out of jail free of pesticides.
In an urban garden, coexistence triumphs. A metropolis has never been so serene. Or so alive.
When planting seeds, the urban gardener hopes that humanity's cruel indifference to itself hasn't impacted her ability to cultivate growth.
But Ma Nature is a witchy woman with weird and wonderful whims, and she almost always gets her way. Plus, she's got friends in high places.
Because at the end of the day, its all about friendship, right?

All photos were taken at the volunteer-fueled organic gardens that have begun producing fresh local produce for Roberta's in Bushwick. The shockingly lively leafy greens were picked lovingly and put on the table only moments later. Delicious.

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  1. My girl and I helped haoul dirt and it is so damn cool to see the progress, can't wait to get out there, might even shoot for tomorrow if the weather holds.