Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Favorite Michael Jackson Songs, and Why

Michael Jackson died today. I'm sad. Everything I write appears sappy and trite. So instead, I'll list my favorite MJ songs, in no particular order:

-Smooth Criminal (So macabre! I mean, he's talking about bloodstains on the carpet! Appeals to my inner Nancy Drew.)
-Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Every time it comes on, I'm like, "Now that you mention it, Michael, I DO wanna be startin somethin!" I subsequently start something.)
-Thriller (The movie still frightens me. The dance moves still mesmerize me. Young Michael still charms me, and I'm still jealous of Michael's date, even though she gets attacked by dancing zombies.)
-Give Into Me (I love the melody in the verses. I also associate the entire Dangerous album with events that seemed monumental at the time, like my first kiss. This song defies logic, and actually makes me nostalgic for that horribly awkward period of life.)
-Will You Be There (This song has made me cry on various occasions, including today. Just beautiful. Unfortunately, I believe it is the Free Willy theme song.)
-Man In The Mirror (Anyone who went to Hyde (Hell You Didn't Expect) School before 1999 most likely was touched in some way by this song. We looked in the mirror. We asked ourselves to change our ways.)
-Black Or White (Another big adolescence-related song. Plus, McCauly Culkin "raps" in the music video! And that human morphing technology was so cool at the time!)
-Bad (Another fantastic video. Dancing along to it in my parents' bedroom made me feel like I was Bad with a capital B. And I think I genuinely was!)

Think I'll watch The Jacksons movie tonight. Goodbye, Michael. We love you!

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